"Southern Songs by Yankees"

"Southern Songs by Yankees" is a musical comedy show created by Bob Whyte in 2004, when it was first performed for the Southern Culture Department at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The show celebrates songs about the South, written by Tin Pan Alley songwriters, between 1900 and 1940, using a clever mixture of story telling, humor and music.

In addition to telling the stories of the songwriters, the Tin Pan Alley music industry, and where the Yankee songwriters got their ideas about the South, the show features a dozen old favorites such as “Swanee”, “Hard Hearted Hannah”, “Stars Fell on Alabama” and “Is It True What They Say About Dixie.”

The show continues to be embellished and now features two exciting young performers, singer Laura Jones and piano player Dan Wielunski, who, along with Bob, deliver an extremely entertaining musical adventure.

In 2006, Bob, Laura, and Dan, performed “Southern Songs By Yankees” for the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle (NC) where a packed house gave the show a standing ovation.

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"Southern Songs By Yankees, an educational and light-hearted look at songs about the South, written by the New York songwriters of Tin Pan Alley many years ago, is a real treat for audiences of all ages. Bob Whyte, the show's creator, first performed Southern Songs By Yankees at one of our Centering the South programs at UNC and captivated the audience with his delivery of these fine old songs, in a way that was highly entertaining."

Professor William Ferris
Senior Associate Director, Center for the Study of the American South

"Southern Songs By Yankees was the best Harvard Club event we have attended in years...we hope it will become an annual affair...

Long-time members of the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle Jean and Tom Nuzum