Customized Musical Comedy Show

A Jazz-It-Up customized musical comedy show created and performed by Bob Whyte can turn a meeting or special event into an unforgettable experience. The shows are offered in two versions:
The SKIT: Your people are Stars of the Show, with Bob serving as Narrator and Song Leader.
The ONE-MAN SHOW: Bob does the Show.

The SKIT version can be funnier, because the audience gets to see their associates or bosses let their hair down, deal with inevitable goof-ups on stage, and show off the sense of humor often not evident during the normal workday. In other circumstances, the ONE-MAN SHOW may be more appropriate.

Whichever you choose, I start by getting some basic background information from the person or persons “in the know” about the show. Then I do a lot of research on my own about your industry, company, and members of your team who might be targeted for some good-natured roasting. As the research is nearing completion I draft the show and songs, using the extensive repertoire of well-known tunes I’ve accumulated over the years. Experience has shown that what makes these shows really funny is the application of my wacky sense of humor to the nuances and nuggets uncovered in my research. You are always in the loop, and within one to two weeks before the show I send you a copy of the script and songs, and then make revisions as necessary.

For the skit version, as the story takes shape I figure out, with your input, who should play what parts, taking into account personalities, gender, etc. Also, we share ideas on costumes and props, as the show takes form. I will run everything by you (and your skit committee) for final approval. Then, sometime within the week before the show and after the skit committee has approved the script and songs, we have our one and only rehearsal with the people chosen to be in the skit. Everyone gets a copy of the script and songs (to hold during the skit), along with a list of the costumes and props, which will be developed in collaboration with the skit committee. I encourage everyone to just relax and have fun with the show, adding their own (tasteful) embellishments to the script, and to expect – and have fun with – the mistakes and goof-ups that are bound to happen. These are often the source of some of the best laughs.

During the performance of the skit I act as Narrator, introducing the characters, moving things along, providing humor and music between each scene, and leading each song, so that even the tone-deaf can join in. A big part of my job is to help the players get the maximum laughs out of scripted and unexpected events when they happen, which they will.

Finally, to ensure the audience and the ”roastee” (if there is one) can recall the laughs and emotions of this show for a long, long time, a copy of the script and songs, along with a DVD of the show can be provided, if desired.

In the craft of creating customized musical comedy shows for meetings and special events, Bob is in a class all his own. His zany sense of humor, his ability to write an original story and clever lyrics, and his years of experience in the business world put him in a unique position to create original, funny, tailored shows that really work.

I have had the pleasure of participating in one of Bob’s skits and have provided input on two others. I am impressed with the care, insightfulness, and flexibility that Bob brings to the research, writing, and delivery of each show. Importantly, he is willing to listen to the client and make changes to the story and lyrics, when necessary, to eliminate lines and lyrics that might backfire or not be appropriate.

Finally, his natural style as a performer makes it easy for people involved with him in the skit to have fun, be their best, and deliver the show in a way that really connects with the audience.

- Sallie Shuping Russell

A leading publicly traded biotechnology firm wanted to pay a special tribute to one of their Board members who was key to the company’s growth and was retiring from the Board…

"On behalf of Inspire Pharmaceuticals and its Board of Directors, I want to thank you for the excellent musical comedy routine you created and delivered to honor [a key director] when he retired from our Board last month. My hope was that you would come up with a story and songs that would not only give Jesse and all of us some laughs, but also honor him for his service to our company. You clearly succeeded on both fronts."

- Christy L. Shaffer, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Inspire Pharmaceuticals

At a recent Duke Management Company Christmas party, the investment staff wanted to welcome their new president with a special program he and the staff would never forget…

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your assistance in putting together the performance for our Christmas party last week. The final results exceeded our wildest expectations, and we have received many very favorable comments from members of our audience. We were particularly impressed by the effort that you made to research the details of our organization, which really made a difference in developing a customized performance that made everyone laugh. The props were perfect, and the music was the final touch that really made the performance."

- Anders W. Hall, CFA
Investment Manager, Public Securities and Hedged Strategies

The skit, which included six parody songs Bob wrote specifically for this meeting, was performed by the senior management with Bob providing direction as narrator and song leader. It was a huge hit! The audience, which was composed of other investment professionals on our team, administrative staff, and business leaders who serve as advisors to our firm, were laughing throughout and even got involved in singing along.”

- Dennis J. Dougherty, General Partner Intersouth Partners