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Bob Whyte produced, directed, and performed in numerous customized musical comedy skits for corporate and non-corporate employers including the University of California Alumni Assn, Federal Pacific Electric, IBM, Payson and Trask, Fortis, and Mitchell Hutchins Institutional Investors. Events included family camp programs, corporate parties, education/training programs, retirement celebrations, and sales meetings.

Since forming Jazz-It-Up in late 2001, Bob has created shows for numerous clients including
Intersouth Partners (offsite strategy meeting), Council For Entrepreneurial Development (industry conference), River City Capital Funds (offsite strategy meeting), Duke University Management Company (Christmas party), Inspire Pharmaceuticals (retirement ceremony to honor a Director), All Kinds of Minds (key employee send-off party).

In addition to creating the shows for which Bob was librettist, lyricist, director, master of ceremonies, and singer/banjo-player, Bob has written over 100 original lyrics for corporate and non-corporate audiences and has served as master of ceremonies for special events.


Bob has performed in banjo band nightclubs, including the Red Garter and Your Father’s Moustache, and in Dixieland Bands in California and the Northeastern U.S. for over 40 years.

Whyte Laundry CompahyIn 1972, he formed the Whyte Laundry Company, a banjo, washboard, and gutbucket specializing in Tin Pan Alley popular songs and Dixieland jazz classics. The band played for corporate and non-corporate audiences in New York and Connecticut, and often involved audience participation on washboard, tambourines, and kazoos. . The Whyte Laundry company also performed at Lincoln Center in NYC and was featured on Wonderama, a popular television show for children.


An original show, “Southern Songs By Yankees,” celebrates the songs with Southern themes written by Tin Pan Alley tunesmiths and lyricists between 1900 and 1940. The show is a combination of storytelling, comedy, and music, and encourages audience participation. The show has been performed at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, All Kinds of Minds, the Guthrie (Oklahoma) Jazz Banjo Festival, and the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle in North Carolina.

Bob has provided storytelling, music and comedy entertainment to a variety of private parties, patients at the Duke Hospital (heart transplant unit), Carolina Health And Humor Assn, the Laughing Turtle in Chapel Hill, and Charles House in Carrboro, NC.