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Why Bob?

Bob brings to the craft of presentation coaching 40 years of real-world business presentation experience, as an investor, entrepreneur, and executive. His professional life was spent primarily in the world of venture capital (or “private equity” if you prefer) with the unique perspective of having participated in investment presentations from three angles – small business entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and institutional investor.

Thus, he is particularly well qualified to help entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with fund-raising strategies and presentations. While maintaining his focus throughout most of his career on the private equity industry, Bob also had direct experience as an executive with major corporations in a variety of organizational settings, functional roles, and industries. The firms he worked for were market leaders, including IBM, GE, Payson & Trask, and PaineWebber, all of which had very high standards for business and investment presentations. For more details on Bob’s investment and business experience see the business bio.

Experience entertaining others with humor and music also promotes effective business speaking. In both situations, you are on stage connecting with an audience, building rapport and delivering a message with conviction, enthusiasm, and an appropriate dose of humor. Bob’s years of experience making people laugh and putting them at ease gives him a lighter approach and an extra edge in helping you make a strong presentation.

Bob is a Qualified Administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), as awarded by the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT). Personality type, as indicated by each individual’s MBTI profile, can reveal the inherent strengths and weaknesses we each bring to our ability to speak comfortably in public. Determining what your “type” is and understanding how to maximize your strengths so you can present your material in the most effective way is something we can explore in the coaching process.

"I had the pleasure of working with Bob over the past several years when we both served as advisors to a North Carolina based venture capital firm – Research Triangle Ventures. Bob’s first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, venture capital investor and institutional investor puts him in a unique position to provide practical and insightful help to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists seeking professional presentation coaching."

- Bruce Boehm
Advisor, RTV

"As a Venture Partner for Research Triangle Ventures for several years, Bob provided guidance in a number of ways to our firm. This included working with portfolio company CEOs, helping them with the presentations they would make at our annual investor meetings. Bob’s skill of observation and his sensitivity to others often made a big difference in helping a CEO strengthen his presentation and how he connected with the audience."

- Bud Whitmeyer
President and CEO
Nutech Solutions