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Presentation coaching, as I practice it, is a one-on-one coaching process designed to help you give the best presentation you are capable of, and to make the experience fun and rewarding for you and your audience. While the process is flexible, it will typically involve the following elements:

You tell me:

  • Who the audience is in terms of their knowledge of your technology or your industry
  • What you think they are looking for in what you are proposing
  • What your own objectives are for the outcome of the talk
  • How much time you will have to present and answer questions
  • What the venue will be

We talk about what your plan is in terms of hard copy or electronic copies of your presentation, and supporting information you will deliver before, during and after the presentation.

We discuss:

  • What you feel your strengths and weaknesses are, as a public speaker
  • What you would like to achieve in changing your speaking habits
  • How we can maximize the strengths that you are already bringing to your performance while creating new habits to replace the weaker aspects.

I will watch and listen to you make the presentation, paying attention to content (what information are you trying to convey), delivery (your style, voice, body language, use of humor, etc), use of visual aids and handouts (do they support or detract from your presentation). We will use a video camera to capture your presentation for us both to review so we can work on areas you can improve.

We discuss and I give feedback on content, delivery, and use of visual aids and handouts.

You make modifications based on the feedback and your own instincts about how you can improve the presentation.

We watch and listen to the presentation again, noting what made a positive difference and what still needs work.

You make a commitment to practice whatever number of times we jointly decide on.

We continue to meet as often as you feel it is necessary.


Call or email me to discuss your situation, and together we can decide whether my help is appropriate in your case. I will give you an estimate of the fee depending on what you want to accomplish, and I can provide names of people I have helped in the past who would be happy to talk with you. My phone number is 919-933-6951 and my email is bob@bobwhyte.com.