As a venture capitalist for over 30 years, Bob Whyte has heard thousands of presentations by entrepreneurs — he understands which strategies will sell investors on your business proposal.

Bob’s long familiarity with the various languages of technology, finance, marketing, and sales gives him expertise in translating technical concepts so anyone can understand them.

Bob’s unique blend of business experience, easygoing humor, and wacky song lyrics make him a favorite with senior executives and the rank and file alike.

Add laughter to the agenda for retirement and holiday parties, annual meetings of investors or employees, educational events, and off-site meetings.

Bob has worked both sides of the aisle: with small companies and big companies alike. He has created and delivered hundreds of presentations to venture capitalists, institutional investors, and top management of major corporations.

A strong business presentation and good theatre each require telling a story with conviction, and connecting with an audience. Start with a basis of relaxed confidence and add a dash of humor to put just the right amount of show biz in your act... 

Bob uses his extensive business experience and researching skills to understand your business story—then he reframes it with imagination and good-natured humor to find that comic angle that surprises and delights.

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