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You do, if….

  • Your company’s success depends on a presentation to venture capitalists, and you really aren’t sure what they look for or what will turn them off.
  • You can explain your technology to others who have the technical background to get it, but much of your target audience won’t be able to follow you, and those may be the folks with the checkbook. You’ve tried the “can you explain it to your grandmother” test, and you flunked.
  • You have a strong sales and marketing background, but you are about to present to financial types, who talk a different language.
  • You’ve delivered a 20-minute talk describing your company’s technology and huge potential markets, and the first questions from the audience of investors and executives show they didn’t get some basic points: what exactly is the product, what does it do, who needs it and will pay for it, and why?
  • You’ve put together your presentation and tested it on some colleagues, and they tell you kindly that it lacks punch; they doubt it will move your audience.
  • You know you need candid feedback on your presentation and your style, but you can’t afford the political risk of asking someone in the company. You want to talk to someone who is safe.
  • Public speaking makes you nervous, and you worry that you will come off as stiff or unsure of yourself. You would like to be able to relax and lighten up without losing the serious aim of your message.
  • Your visual aids are loaded with good information, but you are not connecting with the audience—they are confused by all the words, and can’t focus on your two or three main points.


 "Bob's extensive career in the venture capital industry gives him a competitive edge in helping entrepreneurs craft and deliver presentations to investors."
- Tracy Harris
Parish Capital Advisors, LLP

"Bob has the sensitivity and personal attributes, along with many years of experience with Blue Chip firms, to provide truly exceptional presentation coaching. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him as a colleague in a high-tech venture capital fund and have watched Bob use his “special sauce” to help others create and deliver a presentation that really clicks with the audience."

- Sam Tetlow
Partner, RTV